Civil War (Video Game)

Civil War: A Nation Divided Video Game

Quote: I thought about skedaddling, but I ain’t got the courage. I got nowheres to go. My brother was killed in Bull Run and my mamma passed right afterwards. – Confederate soldier


The situation of the confederate solider describes the situations of many of the troops during the Civil War. The battles claimed many lives and family members died from the spread of disease. The boy claims he lacks the courage to leave because he has no where else to go. During the war, the soldiers would develop bonds with one another, even if that meant they would cut their ties with their family members fighting for the other side. It is interesting that the psychological stresses of the war make abandonment more fearful than fighting on the front line where one’s life would be at danger. The simple words from the boy contain a lot of meaning along with a distinct tone. The poor grammar of the boy and the sense of helplessness makes the reader sympathize for the current situation of the reader.


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