What is the Creemmon Place?

The Creemmon Place is the modern version of the commonplace book, were important quotes and other forms of work are compiled by the author due to a level of individual significance. The Creemmon Place functions as a blog were each post contains audio, a video, an image, or text followed by a description about why each piece of work was chosen to appertain to the blog. In this blog, all of the content reflects an overall them of historical puzzles, games, and/or mysteries. Subjects contained in the Creemmon Place include the enigmatic chase after Abraham Lincoln’s assassinator, the unknown identity of the deranged Zodiac Killer, the abstruse inspiration of the Mona Lisa, and many more puzzling events and masterpieces in history.

Navigation of the Creemmon Place

The Creemmon Place is made up of 6 main pages, each serving as a piece to this cunundrum of historical events. The page you currently are on is the HOME page. This page serves as a brief overview of what the site is about as well as what can be found within the Creemmon Place. The HOME tab is always located in the top left hand corner of the site and by clicking on it, the viewer will be redirected back to this page. The most significant page is the POSTS page. The POSTS page contains all of the commonplaced works in addition to their analysis. Without this page, the Creemmon place would fail to exist. Once on the POSTS page, the viewer will see all of the blog posts in order of which ones are the most current posts. When the first post is selected, the featured image on the left hand side of the screen will change to an image pertaining to the subject of the post. Below the image will be a set of arrows for the viewer to use in order to navigate through all of the perplexing entries in the Creemmon Place. In addition to the POSTS page, is a page titled EXPLORATORY ESSAY DRAFT and another page titled EXPLORATORY ESSAY FINAL. Both of these pages contain an essay that analyzes a single blog post through a lens influenced by one of Jorge Luis Borges’s collected fictions. The only difference between the one entitled DRAFT and the one entitled FINAL is that the DRAFT page contains the first attempt of the exploratory essay. Both essays are separate because they provide feedback on how the essay progressed from an idea to a finalized piece of work. A page that the viewer may find helpful is the BORGES’S INFLUENCE page. This page contains the story that was used as a lens to write the exploratory essay. With this, the viewer can get a deeper understanding of how the collected fiction altered the perspective of one of the commonplaced entries. The final page is the A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR page. This page contains a personal background of the author, so the viewer can learn the thinking process and tone the author uses when commonplacing. This also allows the reader to understand why the different entries appeal to the author’s interests.

Final Note

The information in each post depict real life events, so some of the content may be inappropriate for younger audiences, but as any author would want it, enjoy exploring the many mysterious events in history that has captivated the attention of society.

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